Customer service is often a neglected issue in IT operations; a gap in the market that Lihle Khotsobe is passionate about. Under the start-up guidance of Black Umbrellas, his company, Limil, provides a customer-focused IT solution that’s starting to make waves in the industry:

Limil (Pty) Ltd is a company that provides IT infrastructure and support services to corporates and SMEs. The business was founded by Lihle Khotsobe, a mechanical engineer who turned his passion for IT into an operational business.

For Lihle, the journey began when shortly after starting his mechanical engineering career, he realised that he had an undeniable interest and passion for electronic devices and systems. This eventually led him to fully transition into the IT sector where he held various roles including IT Services Manager for 5 years. During the course of his career, Lihle began to observe a lack of focus on customer service within the IT space. To solve this, he decided to start Limil (Pty) Ltd, a unique IT company that would make customer service the cornerstone of its operations.

Lihle understood the technical skills required to perform the work but felt that he lacked the expertise to manage and run this business. His passion and dedication paid off in 2017 when Limil (Pty) Ltd joined the Black Umbrellas incubation programme as a pure start up.

Since joining the programme, Limil (Pty) Ltd has achieved great milestones. The business has been awarded a R1.6m contract with the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Profession and conducted more than thirty once-off projects for various clients. This has grown their revenue exponentially, enabling them to employ their first full-time employee who works hand in hand with part-time contractors.

When speaking about his future growth prospects for next year, Lihle simply explained: “I am looking forward to growing the business further in the coming financial year.”

Black Umbrellas’ Johannesburg incubator is proud of having Limil (Pty) Ltd as a client on the program. The growth prospects for SME clients such as Limil (Pty) Ltd continues to inspire our resolve and give credence to the incredible work that our teams are involved in.

Owner: Lihle Khotsobe


Contact details: 010 530 5555

– Submitted by Siphiwe Ledingwane, Communications Officer at Black Umbrellas

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