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Because inclusive growth, corporate responsibility and purpose-led business are the fundamental pillars of Regency Global, we thought we’d ask those who work with us what motivates them to be a part of the Regency team:

“In my 4 years at Regency Global, there have been a number of things that have stood out for me that I have loved. The foundation is how great it is to work on projects that have a positive impact, and being able to bring this positive news into the media, somehow.

As a film producer, I have always had a love of documentaries. Now, at Regency, I get to do that all the time. I have a role that varies entirely with each project, and better yet, everyone at the organisation is so enormously talented and passionate about what they do.

When we started with SA Inc, I wasn’t so sure about working with the corporate sector in South Africa. I guess, maybe because these companies don’t have a platform to share examples of themselves doing real sustainable business, so we may all be in the dark to those brilliant initiatives.

What SA Inc has done is open my eyes to some of the incredible work companies around our country are doing and shift my mental mindset and the way I view these companies. We’ve also now given them a platform to share these stories, so that an audience, and people like myself, can see the real benefit and impact they are having on our country.

Every day I get challenged to change fundamental perceptions I have about the world. One example that comes to mind, was working on the UBS bespoke film in Uganda (definitely worth a watch), which makes one rethink the role that orphanages play in society. With the millions of dollars of aid that goes into keeping orphanages afloat, that money could be better spent supporting high-risk families, fostering, adoptions, and community education – giving children the loving homes they need to become integrated, healthy and happy members of their society rather that a care facility with no love or affection.

A lot of the work and projects that we get to focus on are ‘prevention’ based; trying to address issues at their roots, and not just throwing money at a problem. Watching these stories come alive and being a part of bringing the positive news to media, is why I’m here. And it’s been a pretty amazing journey thus far.”

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