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March 2014
Inclusive Business - More Effective For Development Than CSR
Humanity Remains Deeply Unequal Despite Progress - UNDP Report
South Africa To Expand HIV Treatment Programme Ahead Of NHI

February 2014
World Economic Forum on Africa - Sustaining The Continent's Growth
UNDP Urges Job Creation, Inclusive Growth Strategies
Working Together To Stop The Spread Of HIV&AIDS

January 2014
Mandela's Contribution To Business
Africa's Employment Challenge
Shortage of HIV&AIDS Medication

December 2013
COP19 Climate Talks Set 2015 Target For Plans To Curb Emissions
Reducing Poverty And Boosting Sustained Growth In Africa
Millions Still Waiting for AIDS Revolution In Africa

November 2013
Private Sector Proves Key Driver For Achieving MDGs
Africa Embraces Reform With Help From Business
South Africa's Fight Against HIV Yielding Results

October 2013
African Business Leaders Show Confidence at UN Private Sector Forum
Unlocking Infrastructure Development in Africa - Support from Private Sector
Africa: HIV&AIDs Report - New Infections Down, Treatment Expands

September 2013
UN Urges Greater Action In Africa To Meeting Millennium Development Goals
15 Million People To Receive Access To HIV Antiretroviral Treatment
Africapitalism And Sustainable Business - Unleashing Africa's Potential

August 2013
Africa and Inclusive Business - Key to Sustainable Growth
SA Leading Continent in HIV&AIDS Fight - Pepfar
Africa's Challenging but Bright Renewable Energy Future

July 2013
Can 'inclusive business' become the new business as usual in Africa?
One million new HIV infections in South Africa
Seize Your Power hopes to fuel investment in renewable energy

June 2013
African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM)
Women are 'Key Drivers' in Climate Change
Life-Saving Research on Mother to Child Transmission of HIV

May 2013
Realizing Africa's Wealth
AT LEAST 28% of schoolgirls are HIV+
Better Climate Information in Africa

April 2013
The Shared Value Opportunity & Education
A new set of HIV targets can create long-term impact
Climate Change in Africa

March 2013
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Youth Entrepreneurship: From Slum Living to Company Director
Launching Africa's Information Highway

April 2014

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Can Business Succeed In Eliminating Poverty Where NGOs Have Failed?

Can Business Succeed In Eliminating Poverty Where NGOs Have Failed?

Once the sole preserve of aid agencies, businesses are now aiming at 'base of the pyramid' markets.

Addressing The Misconceptions About Inclusive Business

Addressing The Misconceptions About Inclusive Business

Many believe inclusive business is just philanthropy and only for big corporates - we dispel some of the myths.

South African Study Opens New Possibilities For HIV Vaccine

South African Study Opens New Possibilities For HIV Vaccine

Scientists have discovered how broadly neutralising antibodies could open up new ways of treating and preventing HIV.

B4E Climate Summit
London 27-28 May, 2014

Business for the environment The B4E Climate Summit 2014 provides a framework for companies to share their progress, challenges, and calls for public sector support, while policy makers examine ways to push the agenda for net zero goals to become an eventual reality.

Responsible Business Forum
14-15 July 2014

Rsponsible Business LogoThe Responsible Business Forum promotes the advancement of business-driven solutions for a more sustainable world. Regional and global events promote a deeper integration of corporate responsibility with collaborative approaches to sustainable development including education, poverty alleviation, food security and human rights.

2014 United Nations Climate Summit (COP20)

COP 20 Logo
The 20th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC is expected to take place in December 2014 in Peru.

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HIV&MeHIV&Me is a schools and community-based HIV/AIDS education and prevention program to assist young people to make responsible and informed choices about their health and sexual behaviour.
UKUNAAn adult education, skills development and job creation program to empower communities, safeguard health, and create income generating opportunities.
Telecentros Brasil
Telecentros BrasilAn initiative where people can access computers, the internet, and other digital technologies, enabling them to gather information, create, learn, and communicate with others.

Earth Summit
Earth Summit 92Earth Summit draws together the main concerns of the event and incorporates guidelines on basis for action, objectives, activities and financing and cost evaluation.

Human Rights – the New Consensus
Human Rights - the New ConcensusHuman Rights - the new consensus contains a wide range of contemporary material on human rights, democracy, development and peace.

A Vision of Hope
A Vision of HopeA Vision of Hope examines the many facets of the United Nations' operations, focusing on the vital role played by the organization in everyday life.

IT'S AFRICAS TIME is a new intervention showing how companies across Africa are focusing on 'inclusive business' and how this business model can make a contribution towards achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Responsible Business Television
Responsible Business
Responsible Business presents practical ways to accelerate solutions for a more sustainable world while increasing business and industry growth.

Tanti Popoli, Una Terra
Tanti Popoli, Una TerraTanti Popoli, Una Terra is an educational resource programme aimed at 11 to 14 year old Italian students.

Sustainable Business
Sustainable BusinessSustainable Business reviews existing methods of pollution control, resource and energy conservation, and cleaner production techniques.

Telecommunications in Action Telecommunications in ActionTelecommunications in Action highlights the role of telecommunication applications in agriculture, business, education, environment, governance health and rural and urban development.

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